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Age 4-5 Preschool Program

The Preschool program for our 4-5 year old children lays the foundation for their next journey to Kindergarten.  The Investigator Club curriculum provides your child with a variety of academic experiences promoting problem-solving skills and a passion for learning.  Language, reading and writing skills are developed through activities such as songs and poems.  Our program also includes the use of tablets/iPads to improve your child’s vocabulary and math skills.  The tablets also use approved educational apps to boost social interaction.  This is used in conjunction with placing children in small groups where they learn about sharing, getting along with others, as well as building their confidence and independence.

Our program focuses on the whole child and teaches your child about friendship, understanding his or her emotions, develop physical skills, creative thinking, and problem solving. Our program identifies the interests and strengths of each child. The Preschool 4-5 Program incorporates the use of the InvestiGator Club® curriculum.

The philosophy of The InvestiGator Club® is “purposeful inquiry”. It challenges children to use their senses, ask questions, and find the answers within their environment.
The InvestiGator Club® is a comprehensive curriculum that combines play, imagination and content of the real world. It integrates cognitive, social-emotional, and physical activities with literacy and language-rich approach and active hands-on learning. The InvestiGator Club® has been recommended by the Maryland State Department of Education as a comprehensive curriculum. It includes a STEAM component for ages 3-5 and is 100% aligned with Maryland criteria in each developmental area.

The curriculum provides the following:

  • Explicit, systematic instruction
  • Both teacher-guided instruction and child-initiated investigations
  • Flexible scheduling for full-time enrollees
  • Ongoing, integrated assessment
  • Activities, ideas, and support for family involvement

Your child’s progress is also tracked through child assessments and daily communication tools.  The child’s assessments are shared with parents during Parent/Teacher conferences.