The InvestiGator Club®

“The inquiry-based curriculum awakens the explorer in every child”.


The philosophy of The InvestiGator Club® is “purposeful inquiry”. It challenges children to use their senses, ask questions, and find the answers within their environment.
The InvestiGator Club® is a comprehensive curriculum that combines play, imagination and content of the real world. It integrates cognitive, social-emotional, and physical activities with a literacy and language-rich approach and active hands-on learning. The InvestiGator Club® has been recommended by the Maryland State Department of Education as a comprehensive curriculum. It includes a STEAM component for ages 3-5 and is 100% aligned with Maryland criteria in each developmental area.

The curriculum provides the following:

  • explicit, systematic instruction
  • both teacher-guided instruction and child-initiated investigations
  • flexible scheduling for full- and part-time enrollees
  • ongoing, integrated assessment
  • activities, ideas, and support for family involvement.