Selecting the Right Child Care Center

Hand writing Child Care with marker on transparent wipe board.

Choosing child care can be stressful for parents. Little Eggs makes the decision making process easier. Selecting a child care center is one of the most important decisions parents have to make. Parents want to select a center that meets high quality care and nurturing for child development. Little Eggs goes above and beyond the standards required for safety, education and nurturing.

Physical Center (Indoor and Outdoor)

  • Is the center safe and secure?
  • Are the toys and materials sufficient for the number of children in the classroom and developmentally appropriate for the age groups?
  • Are there obvious hazards such as dangerous substances, electrical cords, uncovered electrical outlets, cleaning materials or medications accessible to children?
  • Is the outdoor play equipment sturdy and in good condition?
  • Are the teachers interacting with the children while on the playground?


  • Does the children have an opportunity to experience outside learning and free play?
  • Are there sufficient learning centers in each classroom: art, library, dramatic play, science, etc.?
  • Is there a curriculum?

Interaction between Staff/Children/Parents

  • Are there enough teachers for the number of children in the classroom?
  • Are children allowed to make choices throughout the day?
  • Do the children seem occupied and engaged by their activities?
  • Are teachers handling conflict among the children in a positive manner?
  • Is there a daily method of communication between the teacher and parents?


  • Are parents encouraged to drop in and visit at any time?
  • Does the center serve nutritious meals/snacks?
  • Are parents encouraged to participate and be involved?
  • Does the center enroll children with special needs?