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Ages 0-3 Preschool Program

Your child’s teacher/child care provider will be offering a wide range of stimulating activities this year through our professionally designed FunShine Digital® curriculum program. This program is for ages 0-3. Curriculum activities are designed to address established early learning goals and standards throughout the United States.

Benefits for Your Child

Our curriculum:

  • Builds enthusiasm for lifelong learning
  • Encourages socialization and cooperation
  • Promotes hands-on learning
  • Nurtures teamwork and respect
  • Promotes concentration and patience
  • Builds confidence, self-esteem, and autonomy
  • Embraces diversity

Benefits for Parents/Caregivers

  • Knowledge that your child is participating in a curriculum program aligned with the highest quality standards in early childhood education.
  • Built-in family engagement to keep you involved in your child’s learning. Every two months we provide a Family Newsletter loaded with helpful information. You'll find "Learn with Me!" activities to do with your child at home, information about themes and concepts, vocabulary words, sign language, a book list, a recipe, and songs. Additional materials available online include calendars, blog articles, and music playlists.
  • Exceptionally prepared teachers are able to spend more time each day interacting with children and less time prepping and planning.

What Will My Child Learn?

Lesson plans are organized into themes and released bimonthly—Sept/ Oct, Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June, and July/Aug. Each theme is covered for approximately two weeks. Your child's teacher/child care provider can choose from a variety of activities and materials to promote and enhance growth in the following developmental areas:

  • Language/Literacy: Children develop skills in both listening and communicating and build a foundation for later reading and writing. Activities include songs, rhymes, fingerplays, reading picture books, and more.
  • Physical/Health: Activities promote wellness and allow children to grow in using both small and large muscles. Playdough, water play, vigorous outdoor play, healthy snack ideas, and more are offered.
  • Science/Math/Creative Arts: Children are encouraged to enjoy and explore a variety of art materials, investigate their world, and begin to engage in symbolic thinking. Activities include pretend play, sensory exploration, experimentation, self-expression, and more.
  • Social/Emotional: Experiences are planned to help children develop relationships with adults and other children, learn more about themselves, recognize and express feelings, and begin to demonstrate self-regulation.
  • Social Studies: Predictable routines and age-appropriate rules bring order to children's lives. Children will learn about their families, their child care setting, and the local culture and community.
  • Approaches to Learning: Opportunities to build skills in this area are woven throughout all of the curriculum activities. Such activities focus on building memory and promoting curiosity, persistence, and