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Wellness Program

Little Eggs has an ongoing commitment to promoting a healthy workplace and encouraging employees and their families to pursue and maintain healthy lifestyles. Our wellness program does not focus only on weight management, but we also encourage good nutrition, stress management, and an eagerness to improve self-esteem and a positive attitude. We provide the tools and resources our employees need to make healthy choices. Participation in any of these activities is voluntary.

Our company offers the “Get Moving” program where employees make physical activity part of their regular work day. A half-hour walk every day helps improve the overall health. Promoting physical activity helps our employees stay healthy, control their weight and lower the risk of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The Healthy cooking program offers a healthy cookbook which consists of recipes from nutritionists and other employees. We also provide health and wellness through online educational materials, newsletters, lunch-time sessions, and on-site fitness classes.