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  • Enrollment
    Enrollment. Tuition
    Little Eggs offer reasonable rates, requires a registration fee, and a security deposit upon sign-up to our programs.


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  • Mission Statement
    Our Mission

    At Little Eggs Child Care Center, our mission is to provide child care in a safe, fun, and educational environment where children are prepared for success.


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  • Our Curriculum
    Our Curriculum

    Your child will learn and explore in our early academic programs. Little Eggs offers the Healthy Beginnings and Investigator Club curricula.


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  • FunShine Digital

    Your child’s teacher/child care provider will be offering a wide range of preschool activities this year through our professionally designed FunShine Digital® curriculum program. This program is for ages 3-5. The activities are designed to meet early learning standards established throughout the United States.

    Infant and Toddler Program

    Ages 0-3 Preschool Program

    Ages 3-5 Preschool Program
  • Selecting the Right Child Care Center

    Choosing child care can be stressful for parents. Little Eggs makes the decision making process easier. Selecting a child care center is one of the most important decisions parents have to make. Parents want to select a center that meets high quality care and nurturing for child development. Little Eggs goes above and beyond the standards required for safety, education and nurturing.
  • Partnering in the Community

    Partnership is the key to a successful and thriving business and we would not be who we are today without the outstanding partnerships we share with our community! Little Eggs strongly believes in supporting others and building a strong community. Our philosophy is to strengthen relationships with our neighbors, customers, and other surrounding business.
  • FunShine Digital
  • Selecting the Right Child Care Center
  • Partnering in the Community

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  • C.B. 4 year old parent

    The management runs a clean, tidy, tight ship and that is why the school has continued success. The school has clearly communicated responsibilities to the parents and the parents have responsibilities to the school from the very beginning of the relationship. The school holds up their end and always keeps their promises. They go above and beyond just the curriculum and simple caregiving. I highly recommend that all parents explore Little Eggs before choosing a place for their infant, toddler or preschooler.
  • B.W. 3 year old parent

    Thank you for taking such good care of Bella. She has enjoyed her time at Little Eggs so much. It has truly been a blessing to have a wholesome environment and caring staff that I could trust with my precious little girl.
  • T.C. 2 year old parent

    My daughter has been at this daycare for over a year now. She has advanced out of her infant class so quickly and I have Little Eggs to thank. Her speech and the amount of words that she has learned is amazing and potty training has turned into a breeze. I loved getting the updates from the Tadpole app everyday with what she ate, how she did on the potty, and pictures/ videos of various activities. We took her out of a not so nice experience and I am blessed they had an opening. Great place!
  • E.D., Infant/Toddler parent

    I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to tell you how happy we are with Little Eggs. We have had a great experience so far and we love Westin’s teachers! Its so nice coming inside in the morning and everyone says hello and knows Westin by name. Its nice going to work and not feeling like I have to worry about him during the day. We feel very comfortable and are happy we have chosen Little Eggs as our child care provider.
  • C.C., Columbia, MDC.C., Columbia, MD

    My daughter has been at Little Eggs since they opened in 2014. They are all very good communicators, from the front office to the teachers’ aids, and I feel very comfortable coming to them with any concerns I may have. The facility is small but adorable– and clean. I see the staff cleaning all the time, and every Friday the rooms are basically dismantled so the entire space can be cleaned. My daughter, who will begin kindergarten this fall, is sad to leave Little Eggs. We love it.
  • G.M Annapolis, MD

    This place is amazing. . The staff are like an extended family of ours. . Our daughter is graduating to the big school this fall so we are having another child to raise with little eggs. I only hope we get a spot they go pretty quick!

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