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Ages 3-5 Preschool Program

Your child’s teacher/child care provider will be offering a wide range of preschool activities this year through our professionally designed FunShine Digital® curriculum program. This program is for ages 3-5. The activities are designed to meet early learning standards established throughout the United States.

Benefits for Your Child

Our curriculum:

  • Builds enthusiasm for lifelong learning
  • Encourages socialization and cooperation
  • Promotes hands-on learning
  • Nurtures teamwork and respect
  • Promotes concentration and patience
  • Builds confidence, self- esteem, and autonomy
  • Embraces diversity

Benefits for Parents/Caregivers

  • Knowledge that your child is participating in a curriculum program aligned with the highest quality standards in early childhood education.
  • Built-in family engagement to keep you involved in your child’s learning. We provide a monthly Family Newsletter that includes “Learn with Me!” activities to do with your child at home, information about theme-related concepts, songs, a recipe, and a few book suggestions. Consider gathering some of the suggested books to supplement the program. Additional materials available online include calendars, blog articles, and music playlists.
  • Exceptionally prepared teachers are able to spend more time each day interacting with children and less time prepping and planning.

What Will My Child Learn?

Lesson plans are organized thematically, and two new themes are released each month. Each day, your child’s teacher will choose from a series of activities that promote growth and school readiness. The activities address eight developmental domains:

  • Language/Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Social/Emotional
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Physical Development/Health
  • Creative Arts

What Is Developmentally Appropriate Practice?

Developmentally Appropriate Practice means that activities and programs take into account what children are ready to do based on their individual development. Children ages 3-5 should be offered a range of opportunities to interact with and explore their environment.

What Are the Benefits of Developmentally Appropriate Practice?

Practices that take into account the developmental readiness of each child can boost self-confidence and independent thinking. Children will have opportunities for individual expression and to practice decision- making. This type of environment promotes skills and discipline, inspires creativity, encourages flexibility, and allows for emotional release.

Is FunShine Digital Developmentally Appropriate?

The curriculum is designed to be open-ended and flexible. We provide ideas that teachers can implement to ensure appropriateness. To a great extent, teachers determine how the program is used in their settings.

As family members, you can support developmental appropriateness
by following the lead of your child’s teacher and being involved in their efforts. Children can accomplish many things without you seeing a specific project each day. Pay attention to how your child matures and talk with them about what they are learning.

Your child’s progress is also tracked through child assessments and daily communication tools.  The child’s assessments are shared with parents during Parent/Teacher conferences.